*Goodbye @@@
@@060713 - 170114

Hi there! This is sadly a goodbye. Before I explain why, I wanted to talk a bit about this family and how everything was. Kimchi... So much to say. Not sure what to say. I remember when we first opened it up. We were all so excited and happy and ready for everything. We had everything, great admins that did a lot or even everything at once, people already wanting to join and that were also excited on how it would turn out before we even opened up. It was really nice. We all made such great friendships. We'd talk everyday, have fun. I even remember our first member (ok maybe i had to ask another admin but i remembered ok). Even when there was down times everything would turn into a fun time. Some admins had to go, new admins came. Kimchi was a really good place. I wanted to thank you all, each and every one of you that was once a member or an admin. We all had so much fun and the good memories we'v made with this family will never fade. Like any directory we did have some bad times but we always passed those bad times. All together. We're shutting down because even though this place has been a really great experience for most of us, everything has an end. I wanted to say sorry for all of those who wanted kimchi to stay. I understand it's hard when a family shuts down but there are many lovely families out there you can join too. Even though there isn't another directory like kimchi because every family is unique and different in their own way it'll be alright. Just because we're closing down doesn't mean the family isn't around somewhere. So to anyone and everyone, please take care. And don't forget us.